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The Bird Hospital, Avian Veterinary Services provides extensive, full-service specialized medical care for all birds. For appointments or pricing on any of our services, please give us a call at 919-490-3001.

Pre- and Post-purchase Avian Examinations:

Are you considering the purchase of a pet bird but just are not sure of what species would be best for you? Dr. Burkett provides consultation appointments regarding species selection. If you have already purchased a baby or new bird, then Dr. Burkett recommends that you have your new bird examined within 2 weeks of purchase.

Bird Grooming:

Dr. Burkett provides professional wing clips tailored to your bird. You should not have your bird clipped by anyone else. His nail grooming techniques are also very specialized to give your bird grip with a dull point, and be comfortable on your skin. Beak trimming is rarely needed in healthy birds. But, if your bird is in need of beak grooming, Dr. Burkett provides anatomically correct techniques.

Annual Health Examinations:

All pet birds need to be seen annually for well-bird exams. An annual exam gives Dr. Burkett the opportunity to collect normal baseline blood values for future reference in the event that your bird is ever sick. And, since birds are very good at hiding their signs of illness, an annual check up is a good way to screen for problems we can’t see. Annual vaccines are also important to keep current. Complete annual work ups and current vaccinations are required for boarding birds.

DNA Sexing:

It is important that we know the sex of your bird because males and females can have different health issues. Don’t clip your bird’s toe nail for a blood sample – it hurts, and is difficult to get to stop the bleeding. Don’t pluck a feather for the same reasons. Instead, let Dr. Burkett collect a blood sample safely, and painlessly to determine the sex of your bird.

Bird Microchipping:

This is an easy procedure that can be done in-office without anesthesia. Microchipping is the safest permanent identification. Leg bands are dangerous and can be life-threatening if entangled. Dr. Burkett recommends band removal and microchip identification.

Bird Radiology (x-rays):

The use of x-rays is a critical diagnostic tool in avian medicine. Dr. Burkett offers the most advanced digital radiographic techniques that provide outstanding clarity and detail.


This is the use of fiber optic instruments to look inside a living body. Dr. Burkett provides both rigid and flexible endoscopic techniques and can enter any natural or man-made orifice on a bird.


Dr. Burkett has the knowledge, expertise, and instrumentation to perform complicated and delicate surgical procedures in birds.

Beak Reconstructive Surgery:

This is a very specialized field of avian medicine. Special techniques and supplies are needed to perform beak surgery and reconstruction. The beak is a very special avian organ and Dr. Burkett has a thorough understanding of its form and function allowing him to treat these specialized organs.

Emergency Bird Care:

If your bird is sick, consider this an emergency. If any other emergency occurs you can call the after hours number for instructions on first aid, and bringing your bird in for care. Dr. Burkett handles all of the emergencies personally. We encourage you to make an appointment for a well-bird examination for the health of your bird, and to establish a record on file in the event of an emergency.

Behavioral Consultations:

Dr. Burkett has many years experience handling birds. If your bird is exhibiting abnormal behaviors, it would be best to first have your bird examined for medical problems that may be causing the abnormal behavior. If your bird is healthy, then Dr. Burkett can provide and appointment to offer instruction on how to handle and interact with your bird, and manage behavioral problems.

Avian Boarding:

For boarding information, please refer to The Birdie Boutique/boarding online.

Veterinarian-approved bird care products:

In conjunction with our hospital, we provide a complete selection of specialty bird care products. We stock nearly 2000 items, with access to over 3000 items that have been carefully reviewed by Dr. Burkett, to ensure the safety of your birds. All of these items are conveniently located in the retail portion of the hospital, The Birdie Boutique. You can also find these and many other items on our web site - The Birdie Boutique
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